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Baby gender reveal stunt results in...plane crash?

Remember the good 'ol days? You didn't know the sex of your baby until the delivery doc took a peek and told you.  Then everyone had a cigar and wondered how you were gonna pay the hospital bill.

Not so anymore.  Now that we can determine a baby's sex while still in the womb, gender reveal parties are a thing and with them, more and more elaborate gender-reveal stunts. 

Although to be fair, very few of them results in plane crashes.

Dateline: Turkey, Texas -- According to the NTSB report, an unidentified pilot had agreed to help an also unidentified friend reveal the gender of his or her baby by dumping 350 gallons of pink water from an airplane in flight.  We're guessing that meant the baby was a girl.

The September 7 stunt apparently went well, until the point at which the water was released from the plane.  According to the report, the pilot claimed the plane then "got too slow," at which point it stalled and crashed, coming to rest upside-down in a field.

Although 350 gallons of water weighs about 2,920 pounds, the plane in question was a crop duster, more than capable of carrying that much cargo weight. However, the pilot was carrying a passenger in the one-seater plane, with the other person scooched over and perched on the left side of the set.  The report doesn't specify whether this contributed to the loss of aircraft control but maybe because there's no blank in the report to add "cocky" and "stupid" as factors.

Fortunately, the pilot sustained only minor injuries, and the passenger sustained none.

It could've been worse.  2017's 47,000-acre Sawmill wildfire in Arizona was caused by a gender-reveal stunt.  It ultimately caused some $8 million in damage.

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