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"Bad apples" steal nearly $27k worth of apples from orchard

Some brazen apple-loving scoundrels made off with 50,000 apples -- about $27,000 worth -- from an unsuspecting Indiana apple orchard.

KMIZ reports that the thieves ransacked Williams Orchard, which is located in LaPorte County, Indiana. Jon and Robyn Drummond, who recently bought the 19th century orchard, believe it was an insider job.

Jon Drummond said, "Someone knew this orchard really well. They knew where to go, the portion of the orchard where they couldn't be seen."

The new owners, who just threw a grand reopening of the orchard on Labor Day, were in the process of installing security gates, so the apple-grabbers drove right in and plundered a full acre of trees.

"Almost every single apple from every single tree was completely wiped out," Jon said. "It was cleanly picked. I was like, oh my God, someone came in and stole these apples."

Unfortunately, the couple did not have theft insurance so they can't recoup the loss.  Still, the Drummonds say it'll take a lot more than that to discourage them.

So, what will the thieves do with nearly 50,000 perfectly ripe and delicious apples?  They believe the thieves will try to peddle off the stolen goods or make apple cider out of them.

The La Porte Country Sheriff's Office say they have yet to find any leads.





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