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Cake thief makes off with over 1,000 pastries from New York bakery

There's having a sweet tooth, and then there's this.  A thief ransacked an upscale New York bakery -- pilfering 1,020 pastries worth $90,000.

The New York Post reports that David Lliviganay, 31, worked for two years at Lady M Confections before he allegedly smuggled hundreds of Rabbit Stamp Signature Mille Crêpes out from under his employer's nose.  His thieving spree lasted about four months.

Apparently, there's a thriving black market for these raved-about cakes, which go for $90 apiece and have Martha Stewart's and Oprah's seal of approval.  The New York Times even claims the rabbit stamp cakes are “at least the second-best cake in the city."

So, Lliviganay saw an opportunity and grabbed it by the frosting.  Unfortunately for him, the law grabbed him by the you-know-what because security cameras caught him stealing the cakes and loading them into his truck at least two dozen times.  

Lady M only became aware of the thefts after discovering their cakes were being sold on the black market for cheap.  The bakery, enraged, launched a hefty investigation and quickly found their cake-swindling culprit.

The bakery is now suing Lliviganay to recover their lost profit -- “plus interest."  Lady M also seeks punitive damages for their former-employee's “intentional, malicious” and “outrageous” behavior.

Lliviganay was arrested and has since pleaded guilty to petit larceny. He's scheduled for sentencing on September 24.





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