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Can you guess where 43% of people say they put their phone?

While it's no surprise that mobile phones are one of the dirtiest things we carry -- let alone press to our faces -- a new survey shows one in four Americans NEVER clean theirs. 

According to the survey of 1,200 Americans and their cleaning habits, conducted by antibacterial white light company Vital Vio, despite our smartphones coming with us into public bathrooms and being exposed to myriad of microbes on a daily basis, 43% say they "don't hesitate" to put their phones into their mouths if they need their hands free. 

In case you needed a reminder, the average uncleaned mobile phone has more bacteria on it than your entire bathroom, researchers have discovered.  That includes nasty pathogens like strep, staph and E.coli, all of which can make you seriously sick. 

The survey further shows that more than one in four men have never cleaned their phone, compared to one in five of women.

Nearly 90% of those surveyed say they frequently take their phones into their bathrooms -- with slightly more women doing it more commonly than men -- and nearly half of those surveyed take their phones with them into public bathrooms.

Aside from mouthing their mobile phone when they need a free hand, 51% of the survey's respondents say they also  put their keys in their kissers.  Some 54% have done the same with their credit cards, and 34% have done the same with cash.

On a related note, the survey also discovered that public transportation hides way more bacteria than your own bathroom -- meaning that although people commute while sick, it's still safer to eat -- or text -- in your bathroom than on the bus.






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