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Drunken Scotsman falls asleep in Uber, winds up 100 miles away with $486 bill

Here's some good advice.  If you plan to go out and get wasted, and then take a rideshare home, it's probably best to write down directions to your house and hand them to the driver before you're too drunk to make sense.

Take the case of Joseph Fergie.  The 20-year-old Scottish lad clearly enjoyed himself last Friday night when he went clubbing in Edinburgh.  After getting good and properly drunk, he did the responsible thing and called an Uber to take him home.

Which is where things get kind of fuzzy.  As the Scottish Daily Record reports the story, Fergie lives in the town of Leith, about 15 minutes from his final club stop.  Whether that's what he told the Uber driver remains unclear, because Fergie passed out in the Uber -- and didn't wake up until the driver roused him to inform him that he was home.

Except that he wasn't.  It was 8:30 a.m. and Fergie was in the rural town of Kirkcudbright -- over 100 miles away from his home.

Total Uber bill?  395.85 pounds.  That's $486.66 USD.

Fergie reached out to his pals via Snapchat for help.  And being his friends, they did little more than laugh at him.

He eventually made it home, though, via a combination of buses and trains, arriving at his doorstep around 3:30 Saturday afternoon -- some 12 hours after he climbed into the Uber for what should have been at 15-minute trip.

Fergie's trying to keep a sense of humor about the mix-up, but does say he's reached out to Uber to see if they can cut him a little slack with the bill.






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