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Ex-Kinks keyboardist Ian Gibbons dead at age 67

Former Kinks keyboardist Ian Gibbons died, August 1, at the age of 67. Gibbons' death was announced on the official website of the Kinks spinoff group The Kast Off Kinks, which reported that he passed away suddenly.

Kinks guitarist Dave Davies has issued a statement regarding Gibbons' death that reads, "It was a great shock to hear about Ian Gibbons passing. He worked with the Kinks throughout the '80s. He was always such a positive and optimistic guy. He was the perfect professional. I never had any problems with him and we got on really well. My heart goes out to his family and friends at this difficult time. He added a lot of color to the Kinks music. I'm devastated and he'll be badly missed."

Ian played with the band from 1979 to 1989, then rejoined the group in 1993 and remained with them until their 1996 breakup.

Gibbons was a member of The Kinks during the band's late-career resurgence, playing on such popular tunes as "Come Dancing," "Better Things," "Destroyer," "Don't Forget to Dance," "State of Confusion" and "Do It Again."

Gibbons also played with Ian Hunter and contributed to some solo projects by Dave Davies and by Kinks frontman Ray Davies.

In 2008, Gibbons joined The Kast Off Kinks, a band that has featured various former Kinks members, including original drummer Mick Avory, keyboardist John Gosling and bassists John Dalton and Jim Rodford. Rodford died in January 2018 at age 76.





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