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From dings to diapers, survey says 88% of Americans reach for duct tape when things break

MacGyver could build just about anything with his Swiss Army Knife and some duct tape, so it's not a surprise to find out that the sticky stuff is the first line of defense for most Americans when things break.

In fact, 88% of the 2,000 Americans who took part in a recent poll say they reach for duct tape before anything else. 

Nearly 80% say the stuff is "magical." Maybe that explains the popularity of that t-shirt that reads: "Duct tape is like the Force: It has a Light side, a Dark side, and it binds the universe together."

The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Duck brand, makers of the tape, which has been used to fix everything from diapers to plumbing.

In fact, 48% say it's their go-to for pipe fixes. 35% admitted they've used it for car repair -- just slightly more than the 34% who've used duct tape on their toilet.

One in three have used duct tape to patch a bleeding wound, while 19% say the sticky stuff is holding their cellphone together right now.

Here's how people in this country use duct tape, according to the poll:

1. Plumbing pipes - 48%   2. Hose - 47%   3. Vehicle - 35%   4. Toilet - 34%   5. Cut/wound - 32%   6. Book - 26%   7. Garden tools - 22%   8. Laptop/computer - 21%   9. Shower - 20% 10. Bike - 19% 10. Cellphone - 19%





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