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Google reveals the top searches of 2019

As you already know, Google knows what you're looking for.  And every year, it compiles an exhaustive list of everything your busy little fingers and thumbs were searching in the previous 12 months.

With the year winding down, the online giant has crunched the numbers to find the top trending searches of 2019, in various categories.

Wellness was, as always, a big topic, with the intermittent fasting diet ranking as the #1 search under diets. Possibly on the other end of the spectrum, yummy recipes were also common, with shepherd's pie ranking at the top, and Popeye's Chicken Sandwich also making the list -- it also being one of the few fast food items of 2019 to inspire felonious activity. "Chaffle" ranked ahead of it -- not surprising, considering the "cheese waffle" is a staple for Keto dieters, who also pushed their way of life into the top five most-searched diets list. 

As for news, the deadly Hurricane Dorian was the number-one trending search for 2019, but the "Raid on Area 51," which inspired a million memes but no en masse alien discovery, also ranked in the top five.

Vacation was also on our minds, with "Maldives" being the highest-trending destination for Google's "trip to..." search.

Here are Google's top trending searches for 2019, by category:

Overall 1. Disney Plus 2. Cameron Boyce 3. Nipsey Hussle 4. Hurricane Dorian 5. Antonio Brown 6. Luke Perry 7. Avengers Endgame 8. Game of Thrones 9. Iphone 11 10. Jussie Smollett

Diets 1. intermittent fasting diet 2. dr sebi diet 3. noom diet 4. 1200 calories diet 5. keto ultra diet 6. golo diet 7. dubrow diet 8. sirtfood diet 9. no carbs no sugar diet 10. endomorph diet

Outfit Ideas 1. EGirl outfit 2. Eboy outfit 3. Soft girl outfit 4. Biker shorts outfit 5. VSCO girl outfit 6. Dickies outfit 7. White jeans outfit 8. Fila outfit 9. Champion outfit 10. Leather pants outfit

Fashion Styles 1. camp style 2. egirl style 3. eboy style 4. steampunk style 5. Harajuku Style 6. preppy style 7. yankii style 8. vintage style 9. VSCO girl style 10. Emo style

Recipes 1. shepherds pie recipe 2. chicken parmigiana recipe 3. ham glaze recipe 4. charoset recipe 5. snickerdoodle cookies recipe 6. chaffle recipe 7. chicken cacciatore recipe 8. Popeyes chicken sandwich recipe 9. tater tot casserole recipe 10. king cake recipe

Home Styles 1. Farmhouse style 2. Colonial house style 3. Cape Cod house style 4. Spanish style house 5. art deco style 6. Japanese style house 7. craftsman style home 8. transitional style 9. prairie style homes 10. modern style homes

Trip to... 1. trip to maldives 2. trip to japan 3. trip to bora bora 4. trip to vegas 5. trip to mexico 6. trip to alaska 7. trip to new orleans 8. trip to california 9. trip to new york 10. trip to costa rica

News 1. Hurricane Dorian 2. Notre Dame Cathedral 3. Women's World Cup 4. Area 51 raid 5. Copa America 6. El Paso shooting 7. Sri Lanka 8. Government shutdown 9. Equifax data breach settlement 10. California earthquake

Professional Sports Scores 1. Washington Nationals 2. Boston Bruins 3. St. Louis Cardinals 4. Dallas Cowboys 5. St. Louis Blues 6. Milwaukee Bucks 7. Chicago Bears 8. Minnesota Twins 9. Toronto Raptors 10. Tampa Bay Rays





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