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How are you feeling? Survey says 90% of us go into work sick

As if seeing your boss every day isn't enough to make you not want to come in, chances are he or she is also spreading their sickness all over the office.

That's based on a survey from Accountemps that revealed that 90 percent of workers come into the office with cold or flu symptoms.   

Not only do nine out of 10 workers come into work when they're not feeling well, one-third of the professionals polled said they always work when sick.  And more than half of those who go into work sick say they do so while suffering -- and therefore spreading -- the cold or flu.

Why not stay home and get better?  Fifty-four percent of those polled say they have too much work to do to take a sick day, while 40% simply don't want to use sick time.

What's more, Accountemps crunched the numbers for 28 U.S. cities and discovered workers in Charlotte and Miami had the most employees willing to come in sick; Austin, Chicago and Cincinnati tied for second in that statistic.

Employees aged 25 to 40 were reported always coming into work sick more commonly than did employees aged 18-24, and even those aged 41 to 54. Accountemps also declared when you "absolutely" should stay home: If you're sneezing and coughing from a cold; if you have fever, chills or body aches from the flu; or if you're suffering from nasty stomach issues or pink eye.





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