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Is it the years or the mileage? Survey says people say they feel they're "getting older" at 40

They say you're as young as you feel.  But a recent survey of 2,000 British adults say they're feeling their bodies are already in decline by their mid-forties.

According to the poll, the average respondent said "intense back pain" started around age 44, knees began "creaking and cracking" around age 47, and their hearing started slipping two years after that.

Those surveyed also noted their senses of smell began wafting away around 46, and the average ankles started to go downhill around 47.

Ten percent of those surveyed said they noticed their eyesight getting worse as early as their 20s.  In fact, nine out of 10 say at least one body part isn't as strong as it was;, and eight in 10 say they've noticed deterioration in some part of their body, with those in that group saying things started going downhill from ages 37-40.  

Is it any surprise that seven in 10 respondents say they can't get off the couch without struggling and grunting?

The survey says that considering all their maladies, 43% of those polled say they wish they'd taken better care of their bodies in their youth, and 60% warned their kids to not do as they did.





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