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Joan Jett gets her own "beautiful" signature Gibson guitar

Joan Jett is the latest rock legend for whom Gibson has created a signature guitar.

The Joan Jett Signature ES-339 is a hollowbody electric model that's made from thermally engineered maple and spruce wood and boasts a wine-red finish.

Only 150 of the guitars will be made available worldwide, with the first 50 instruments hand-signed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer herself

In a YouTube promo video for the guitar, Joan reveals that the signature model was created for her as a gift.

"[T]he reason is because I went to the factory in Memphis, so I saw all the raw materials," she explains. "It's a beautiful gesture of love, and it feels like that. Maybe a thank-you for noticing…these amazing handmade guitars."

Jett gushes over the versatility of the instrument, noting, "You have the freedom to really make this guitar sound any way you want…from clean to dirty, dirty, dirty." She adds, "And it feels good. The neck is great, great size, easy to play."

Joan also draws parallels between her experience as a young woman whom people tried to discourage from playing rock 'n' roll, and her signature guitar, which she suggests many musicians might assume might not be able to produce a gritty sound, because of its design.

"This poor guitar is being told it can only do a certain kind of music, you know?" Jett muses. "[B]ut really, it can play [clean] music, and really rocks. So it can play anything. So, I'd say just give her a chance and she'll blow your mind."

Jett and her band, The Blackhearts, kick off their summer itinerary with a July 4 headlining show in Minden, Nevada, and join Heart's Love Alive Tour on July 26 in Darien Center, New York.





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