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Jonathan Cain says he's fine with Journey and Steve Perry going their separate ways

After former Journey singer Steve Perry released Traces last October, his first new solo album in 24 years, he told multiple media outlets that he wasn't interested in working with his old band again. And longtime Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain tells ABC Radio that he's fine with that.

"[W]e wish Steve all the best," Cain says. "[W]e have choices, you know. We choose to live how we want to live, and I respect his choices and he respects ours. And if our paths don't cross again, that's fine."

Jonathan notes that both Journey and Perry are busy doing their own things, while noting that the band is doing great in its current incarnation.

"[H]e's on a new chapter in his life and…we're moving on," Cain maintains. "[Journey] just played for over a million people last year with [current frontman] Arnel [Pineda]. [That's a] new record for Journey...And Arnel's just firmly in the driver seat…he's been with us over 12 years now, doing a terrific job."

Not that there's any ill will -- Cain tells ABC Radio he's glad to see Perry making new music and singing again.

"[H]e was born to sing," Cain declares. "He was a born singer, and I felt really happy for him…that he was back out there. Keep on doing it, Steve."

Cain also says he's glad that Perry joined his old band mates for Journey's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2017.

"[The ceremony] was just such a great thing for us, you know, to have that closure," Cain notes. "I think it showed a lot of class [that Steve took part]." (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Journey's next concert is scheduled for September 27 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.






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