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Man complains of earache, and doctors find NOPE NOPE NOPE...

Most of the time if you get an earache, you hope it's maybe a sinus infection and not something worse.  And you DEFINITELY hope it's not something like this.

Reports out of Asia, as reported by The New York Post, are that a 24-year-old man living in China and identified only as Mr. Lv recently went to the hospital to report a sharp pain in his right ear.  He also reported that it felt as if "something was scratching or crawling inside," according to Dr. Zhong Yijin, who treated Mr. Lv.

Yeah, better get ready.

Mr. Lv also said his family had shone a light inside of his ear and had spotted something that looked like a bug inside.

They were partially correct.  Doctors didn't find a single bug inside Mr. Lv's ear -- they discovered a family of them.  Cockroaches, to be precise, about a dozen of them, though not fully grown.  Also in the ear was the tiny roaches' full-grown mother, who had clearly crawled into Mr. Lv's ear, laid her eggs there and now was attending to her brand-new brood.

Mr. Lv told doctors he had a habit of leaving snacks near his bedside, which likely attracted mama roach.  A habit we're guessing he's going to change.

The good news: a pair of tweezers and some patience was all doctors required to extract the roach family from Mr. Lv's ear canal.





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