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Man ejected from World Series of Poker for nudity and shoe-throwing; arrested for terrorism

Sometimes, what happens in Vegas doesn't exactly stay in Vegas.  Case in point: a man was kicked out of a poker tournament for flashing his butt and throwing a shoe at the dealer.

Deadspin reports that Ken Strauss, of Pittsburgh, was participating in the first level of the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas on July 5.  He dropped $10,000 to play but soon flew into a rage that offended practically everyone around him.

Strauss first went all-in blind on the first hand. He then pulled down his pants and mooned the table -- which he claims he did because he "lost a bet."  After that, he took off his shoe and lobbed it at the dealer.

He was quickly removed by WSOP security.

But Strauss' story doesn't end there.  Clark County authorities are now charging him with making terroristic threats, which is a Class B felony.

Strauss was booked on July 27, the same day he threatened the hotel on Twitter by writing, “all casinos that have me banned will be destroyed effective immediately.”

His arrest report also states he was kicked out of the Red Rock Hotel for trying to lure a child from the pool, stalking and making threats against an NFL reporter, and being kicked out of the Luxor for exposing himself on a craps table.

Strauss is currently in custody and awaiting a hearing set for next week. Bail was set at $150,000.






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