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Man miraculously keeps his cool after black bear wakes him up from nap

A bear wanted to make sure a man napping in direct sunlight had on enough sunblock, as seen by a hilarious Ring video a family in Massachusetts posted over the weekend.

Dawn Bete was clearly amused by the curious black bear walking onto her property and taking a whiff of the man, named Matt, passed out on the lounge chair.

"Matt was a little startled yesterday while taking a rest by the pool," she captioned the video.

The bear is seen moseying up to the pool before hunkering down to take a nice big drink.  Once sated, it notices the man sleeping soundly on the nearby furniture and ambles up to investigate, perhaps to check out what appears to be a soda can on the table next to him.

The bear takes a curious whiff before pawing gently at the man's foot, as if to go "hey, you good, friend?"

That unexpected sensation of a bear paw upon his foot causes Matt to jolt awake and the bear jumps back in surprise -- thankfully running away instead of the alternative,

Matt maintains a cool head as he remains sitting on the lounge chair and pulls out his phone to start dialing someone.  

So, if anyone was going to get pawed awake by a bear and not need a change of underwear, it's definitely that guy.





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