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Meat heist foiled by trail of meat left behind

You know the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel where the kids left a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest to help them find their way home?  Well, real life has mimicked art, but was given a not-so-vegan-friendly modern update.

Visalia Times Delta reports that a caravan of 13 adults decided to ransack a whole meat market in Visalia, California on Tuesday.  Safe to say they loaded up on porterhouse and strip stakes -- and maybe if they were feeling fancy, some filet mignon.  Then again, they might not have grabbed the good stuff based on the group's collective IQ, which is probably in the negative.

Basically, they stole so much meat, hundreds of pounds worth up to $15,000, they had a major spillage problem.

Meaning, that when police arrived to the meat market, the theft was technically still in progress as officers apprehended a young teen and an adult still wandering around the premises.

It was also pretty obvious to police there were more accomplices based on a "trail of meat" leading them down the street and to a nearby apartment complex. 

One search warrant later, officers slapped handcuffs on 11 other people, ages ranging from 15 to 36.  Police also determined the family wasn't starving, as their kitchen was impressively stocked. 

Turns out, this bunch robbed the meat joint because they wanted to have some friends over for a good old fashioned cookout.  So, safe to say they were breaking social distancing rules, too.

Of course, everyone was tossed into the back of several police cruisers and booked on numerous charges, the biggest being burglary during a state of emergency --  along with being branded the absolute worst meat thieves in the state of California.

As for the stolen meat?  It was all, unfortunately, thrown out.






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