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Mom's response to kids begging for phones and money goes viral for all the right reasons

Shaming parents on the Internet for how they raise their kids is almost a sport nowadays.  However, Facebook users are praising one mom for her "genius" way of making her kids stop demanding money and new phones.

Shaketha Mario McGregor posted on her Facebook that, instead of caving to her kids' desires, she held a job fair for them instead. 

"So, my children continue to ask for a new cell phone, an allowance, and to go places. Yesterday I told them that I've heard their requests and that I'll have a surprise for them today when they get home from school. SURPRISE!!! It's a whole hiring event!" McGregor wrote, complete with a laughing crying eyes emoji, "If you want it, work for it, earn it! And yes, I also have an in home credit union lol."

McGregor included photos of herself posing next to a homemade "now hiring" sign along with a list of open jobs: kitchen manager, lead housekeeper, and laundry supervisor.

Her kids had to fill out an application, which asked for home and school experience, and then interview for the job they wanted. 

The post garnered over 200,000 likes before McGregor posted an update.  She wrote the interviews are over, (which she's still laughing about,) and that her six-year-old was the most professional of the bunch.

"I'm going to make my son reapply and interview again because he laughed 90% of the time." She explains,  "My 10yr old would sometimes start speaking in an English accent like that would help her."

Reactions to both posts have been overwhelmingly positive, with people calling McGregor "inspiring" and an "awesome mom."






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