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Neil Young premieres animated video "love letter" to planet Earth from him and wife Daryl Hannah

Neil Young has shared a new animated video titled "A Love Letter from Us," on which he collaborated with his wife, actress/environmental activist Daryl Hannah, that's directed towards planet Earth.

The minute-plus-long video cartoon, which has been posted on the Neil Young Archives site and Young's official YouTube channel, offers depictions of various natural aspects of the planet we live on as a series of observations pointing out unique things about the Earth appear on screen.

The observations include: "Earth, the only planet we have found so far…that has air," "Earth the only planet we have found so far…with water coming outta the ground…(or anywhere!)," "Earth the only planet we have found so far…with wondrous whimsical creatures," and "Earth the only planet in the universe we have found so far…that has life. Love Life."

The video is soundtracked by a simple strummed acoustic guitar, and is accompanied by a note that reads, "Thanks for being our home…"

The clip comes in advance of the October 25 release of Young's new studio album with Crazy Horse, Colorado.

The album, which features cover art designed by Hannah, includes the climate-change-themed track Rainbow of Colors" that reflects some of the sentiments touched on in the new video.





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