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New, from Apple! It's -- a toilet plunger?

Safe to say Amazon gets far more orders correct than it gets wrong, even on Black Friday.  But here's one that it got really wrong.

As reported by Metro.co.uk, U.K. resident John Browne was understandably excited when he took advantage of an Amazon Black Friday sale and ordered an Apple Watch for £299, about $388 U.S.  That's about 25% off the normal retail price.

But when the watch arrived at his workplace and Browne opened it, he was more than a little surprised to discover inside the box -- a toilet plunger.  Black and white in color, retailing for £4.29, about five-and-a-half bucks USD.

Everyone watching thought it was funny. "They were all in absolute hysterics," the 31-year-old sales director told Metro.  "But I was fuming."

No prob, though -- just contact Amazon and they'll ship the watch right out, correct?  Nope.  The Black Friday sale proved so popular, Browne says by the time Amazon customer service sorted the mistake on their end, the watch Browne had initially ordered was sold out.

What's more, Browne says, Amazon initially only refunded £289 of his purchase price, and only after he complained did they slide him the additional £10, in the form of a gift certificate.

Metro says it's reached out to Amazon for comment on the matter.

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