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No sex? Jail? Wait until you see what men would do for a full beard

Sure, Santa doesn't have to worry, but apparently there are dudes out there who really want a full beard. Like, really want one.

In fact, a survey of 2,000 men showed 40% would spend a night in jail, 38% said they'd spend a day on line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and 22% said they'd give up sex for a year, just to get that perfect facial hair.  Ironically, eighteen percent said they'd shave their head to grow a better beard.

The poll noted that three quarters of the men surveyed said they feel more confident with facial hair than without, though just six out of ten feel that kind of shaggy swagger: 44% say their beards take too long to grow, 42% say their beards are too patchy, and 31% lamented "uneven coloring."

The OnePoll survey was commissioned by the beard care company Honest Amish, so take that as you will.  And before you go full-on Santa, take note: the survey found 35% of women found a short beard, not a bushy one, the most attractive.

Here are the survey's top five results of what guys would happily give up to be hirsute: 

1. Spend a night in jail -- 40% 2. Give up coffee for a year -- 40% 3. Stand in line at the DMV for a full day -- 38% 4. Give up sex for a year -- 22% 5. Shave their head -- 18%

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