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North Carolina man sues Hardee's after he says he wasn't given enough hash browns

A North Carolina man has filed a federal lawsuit against the fast-food chain Hardee's, alleging that the company "deprived him of his civil rights last year by not putting enough 'Hash Rounds' on his plate."  The hash brown incident happened on May 30, 2018, in Belmont, North Carolina.

As reported by HuffPost, Tommy Martin, 58, of Mount Holly claims the color of his skin led to him being served an inadequate amount of the potato-based breakfast side. Martin, who is black, alleges in the handwritten lawsuit that the incident violated his rights under the 14th Amendment.  Ratified into law in 1968, the amendment in part affirmed that former slaves were U.S. citizens entitled to due process and equal protection under the law.

According to the lawsuit, the cashier at the Hardee's tried to rectify the problem, but a manager allegedly told Martin "that's what you get."

Martin claims in the suit that the incident made him feel stupid and gave him cibophobia, which is a fear of food. Martin was given a refund by a Hardee's manager, but he still wants a jury to hash out the case.

A spokesman at the Hardee’s corporate told HuffPost that it's aware of the suit and takes the allegations seriously but is declining further comment.





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