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Oscar Mayer announces hot dog-flavored ice cream

The last food brand you expected to launch a new product for "National Ice Cream Sandwich Day" has done just that.

Oscar Mayer announced on Twitter Thursday that the Wienermobile is getting an ice cream truck makeover to hand out Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwiches.

That's right.  The frozen treat is comprised of two cookies that act as "buns." The cookies sandwich together a hot dog-infused sweet cream that's blended with -- wait for it -- candied hot dog pieces. And never mind the mustard -- there's also a layer of spicy dijon-infused gelato.

New York City-based ice cream company il laboratorio del gelato worked with Oscar Mayer on the dessert.

Thursday was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. In celebration, the redesigned Wienermobile will hand out free samples of the Ice Dog sandwich during the week of August 12. A rep for Oscar Mayer told People that those outside of New York interested in the product can "slide into Oscar Mayer’s DMs on Twitter" to find out more.

The announcement seemed to steal the mustard from French's, which released mustard-flavored ice cream this week in New York and Los Angeles for "National Mustard Day."

By the way, this isn't the first collaboration between the two staples of Americana. Back in 2016, the New York Post reported that celebrity chef Daniel Boulud teamed up with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream to create a limited run of hot dog-infused ice cream.





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