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Peace of Stage company presenting Woodstock collectibles to artists performing at festival's site

In conjunction with Woodstock's 50th anniversary, representatives of the Peace of Stage company -- which sells collectibles made from actual pieces of the 1969 event's stage -- are in Bethel, New York, this week, presenting some special items to the famous artists performing at the site of the historic festival.

The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts venue is hosting Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band tonight, Carlos Santana on Saturday and ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty on Sunday.

Peace of Stage co-founder Steve Gold tells ABC Radio, "We're presenting [a peace-sign] pendant and…special collectibles to Ringo and [founding Santana member] Gregg Rolie [on Friday]. And then we're doing Carlos Santana on Saturday, and on Sunday we're presenting to John Fogerty."

Gold attended the original Woodstock when he was 15, and afterward, says he helped dismantle the stage and move the wood to an upstate New York bungalow colony, where it was used to build a paddleball court.  Two years ago, he and his business partners tracked down the wood, purchased it and decided to create collectibles from it like the aforementioned pendant and other mementos, so people could possess their own little piece of history.

"People get married where the stage was," Gold points out. "People take their kids and say, 'This is where the stage was.' And we wanted to give people the opportunity to feel that energy that was felt in 1969."

Peace of Stage also has lent stage panels to the Bethel Woods museum for a 50th anniversary Woodstock exhibit.

Gold tells ABC Radio that his company is selling "glass mini bottles filled with sawdust from the stage pieces we're cutting" to raise money for five charities that were chosen that reflect the spirit of Woodstock.

Visit PeaceofStage.com to purchase items.

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