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Play Doh? My Little Pony? Survey shows which toys stand the test of time

For kids -- and adults who are still kids at heart -- there are some toys that just don't get old.

A poll of 2,000 American parents were asked which toys they played with as kids that still entertain their own children, and Play Doh and Mr. Potato Head came out on top.

The survey, which happened to be commissioned by Hasbro, the makers of the beloved spud, revealed that Troll dolls came in third, and My Little Pony and Furby dolls rounded out the top five.

The list of 30 favorite toys also included classic board games like Candyland (#17) and Monopoly (#22), as well as action figures like Transformers (#25) and retro gaming systems like Game Boy (#18). And surprisingly, in this digital age, even the humble Yo-Yo made the list -- it ranked eleventh.

The survey also found where lost toys are most likely to turn up.

Toys that are played with by parents AND their kids:

1. Play Doh 2. Mr. Potato Head 3. Trolls 4. My Little Pony 5. Furby 6. Puzzles 7. Toy phone 8. Bop It 9. Building blocks 10. Bicycle 11. Yoyo 12. Guess Who? 13. Water blasters 14. Teddy bear 15. Scrabble 16. Tricycle 17. Candy Land 18. Game Boy 19. Spinning tops 20. Toy cash register 21. Plastic animals 22. Monopoly 23. Mouse Trap 24. Game of Life 25. Transformers 26. Clue 27. Baby Alive 28. Plastic food/kitchen supplies 29. Scattergories 30. Perfection

Most common places lost toys are found:

1. Under the bed 2. In the car 3. Left a family member or friend's house 4. Behind the couch 5. In the kitchen 6. In sibling's room 7. In a closet






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