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Police called to boy's "ice cold beer" stand

Even law enforcement admits the kid is a marketing genius.

An 11-year-old boy named Seth decided to set up a roadside beverage stand in Brigham City, Utah. Instead of offering lemonade, he displayed a sign that read in big, bold letters, "ICE COLD BEER."

What you couldn't see was the word "root" between "cold" and "beer," written in much smaller script.

"Well, my mom and dad wanted me to get out of the house," said Seth, whose parents asked that his last name be omitted. "I was at the store where they sell beer, and I remembered root beer. So I figured out a joke about beer but it’s actually root beer."

Some thought his joke was funny. Others called the cops.  Fortunately, local police did have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

"Yep, he’s selling beer ... ROOT BEER, that is," the Brigham City Police Department wrote on its Facebook page., along with a photo of Seth and his sign, and others of Seth posing with five smiling cops.  "His marketing strategy has resulted in several calls to the BCPD, but apparently it's paid off as business has been good."

Seth's mom Alexis says the stand's profits will go toward the Boy Scouts, Seth's savings and buying necessities for school.

He also plans to reinvest in the business.





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