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Police deputy pulls over two Amish buggy drivers chugging beer and rocking out to stereo

North Bloomfield, Ohio police have one for the books -- a deputy pulled over Amish men for driving a horse-drawn buggy, while intoxicated.

WKBN reports that Trumbull County Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich had a not-so-routine traffic stop early Sunday morning when he had to pull over the horse and buggy, driven by two partying Amish men. 

The buggy was equipped with a giant stereo system with large speakers.  The deputy also saw a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra on the top of the wagon.

The Amish are famously known for shunning modern technology, and also alcohol, but Amish tradition allows young men and women to experiment with outside ways before they re-dedicate themselves to their community.

The police, however, draw the line at drinking and buggy-driving.  As Dragovich approached the vehicle, the two men jumped out of the buggy and booked it, which spooked the horse and caused it to tear off in another direction.

Dragovich chased the frightened horse and, after catching up with it, was left with another odd situation -- how the heck was he going to impound the abandoned buggy?

Instead of operating the buggy himself, he turned it over for towing and brought the horse to a local farmer for safekeeping until police identified the owners. 

As of Wednesday, the owners hadn't come forward to claim their horse or the buggy.





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