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Quarantine has woman smearing peanut butter on her head in order to clip dog's nails

With groomers across the country closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pet owners are struggling to find creative ways to make sure their cats and dogs remain looking somewhat animal-shaped during lockdown.

And, for some real ambitious dog owners, that means finding clever ways to clip their fussy fur baby's nails.

Well, leave it to one galaxy brained woman named Linds Shelton who realized that peanut butter might be the key to pooches tolerating a manicure.  

She uploaded her peanut butter trial to her TikTok on Sunday with the frank caption, "Need help clipping your dogs nails? I gotchu."  

So, how did Shelton get her dogs to willingly allow her to clip their nails?  She smeared peanut butter on her forehead.  Well, she first covered her forehead in cling film, a step that seems kinda important for hygienic reasons.

While smearing the peanut butter on her forehead, her partner pointed out she looked ridiculous.  "I don't look like a dork," Linds replied. "I'm about to look like a genius!"

And, lo, she creeps close to her dog, snags its paw and begins clipping away as the pooch happily goes to town on the peanut butter -- attention successfully diverted from the manicure.

The video is only now going viral, and already copy cats quickly are trying to pass off Shelton's idea as their own.





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