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Seattle robbers make fake 911 call in attempt to throw off police

Two men attempting to rob a downtown Seattle luggage bungled their heist in just about every way possible.

The Seattle Police Department says police received a call at 3:30 a.m. Friday morning from an alarm company reporting a possible break-in at a luggage store.

Officers arrived quickly, but did not immediately see any signs of a break-in. However, they soon spotted a man "skittering on his belly" towards the store's cash register.

As officers began surrounding the building a few minutes later, Seattle Police Department’s 911 Center received an odd phone call, claiming that several people were shooting at each other about six blocks away from the scene of the burglary.

As it turns out, the thieves were calling 911 from inside the luggage store in hopes the cops would leave to investigate their fake report.

The SPD was quoted as saying: “(We) immediately gave up on the investigation of the burglary and sent all the officers over to check on the shooting. Just kidding!”

They did send one officer to check out the suspicious report -- who found nothing -- as the remaining officers began entering the luggage store.

Officers and a K-9 team found a large hole in the store's wall, about 10 feet above the ground. One officer used a ladder to climb up to the hole and noticed a trail of blood inside.

Police then found a 29-year-old man hiding under a table in a restaurant and a 35-year-old man hiding in the ceiling.

Officers booked both burglars at the King County Jail and seized a crowbar, rubber gloves, a lock pick kit, binoculars, and a hand-held Pac Man video game from the would-be thieves.






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