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Social media in an uproar over how to properly clean a dish

How do you clean your plates?  Are you a bottom washer or a top-only washer?

Turns out, some social media users are having a mental breakdown after learning that not everyone washes the bottom of their plate.

A hefty Twitter debate about dish washing gripped the social media platform on Saturday when Bon Appétit magazine pleaded to their 3.2 million followers to always "wash the bottom of their dishes."  

The tweet sent their followers into a frenzy as people began demanding to know what kind of "monsters" don't wash the entire plate.  Some users even went as far as explaining why failing to clean the bottom is problematic.

One user pointed out, "Plates stack... what's on the top of one sticks to the bottom of another one... that's just wrong on so many levels." Others swapped stories about how this very phenomenon is the very reason why they don't eat at other people's homes or let anyone else wash the dishes.

Soon, the top-only washers entered the debate.  However, there wasn't that much information or justification to back up why they don't wash their bottoms.  Some even admitted that it's never even occurred to them.  

At the end of the argument, the bottom washers emerged the clear victors.  They then claimed that top-only washers are most likely the part of the population that also doesn't wash their legs in the shower -- a debate that raged earlier this month.





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