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Stop for groceries at the Colon Care Co-Op

More and more supermarkets are doing away with disposable plastic shopping bags in favor of old-fashioned paper or bring-your-own reusable ones. 

But what if you still want to use those plastic bags, or simply forget to bring your own?  The East West Market in Vancouver, BC is happy to provide you with one -- but they're employing a wicked sense of humor to get you to change your mind.

"Over 1,000,000 plastic bags are used every minute, most of which are filled once then discarded.  So, we redesigned our bags to stop people from taking them," declares a video posted to the market's Facebook page.

The free bags, available at the register, bear the names of the faux products and businesses 'Dr. Toews' Wart Ointment, Wholesale,' 'The Colon Care Co-Op,' and perhaps best of all, the 'Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium.'

The idea, of course, is that most folks will be so embarrassed carrying those bags publicly that they'll bring their own next time, although judging from the customer reactions shown in the video, most of them seem pretty amused by the whole thing.

At the bottom of each bag is the message: "Avoid the shame.  Bring a reusable bag."

The East West Market says they're only "helping customers remember a reusable bag and think twice about single-use plastic."





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