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Stranger steals onesie, eats cupcake, smokes a little weed in home burglary

Police in Gresham, Oregon arrested a man who not only broke into a home, but tried to make it his own in some rather unusual ways.

Timothy Smith and his fiancée weren't even done moving into the house. The Oregonian reports that they closed on the property about two weeks prior and were going to finish moving in over the weekend. But when they returned to their house Sunday afternoon and noticed a few things awry. For starters, there was a laptop, a bottle of cider and knives atop a car in the driveway. Inside, someone had left a vape pen in the kitchen and damaged a number of walls. 

“So then I grab two of the knives and I’m walking around looking for someone because clearly a person broke in,” 24-year-old Smith told The Oregonian.

It wasn't until he found a cat, dressed in a green cashmere shirt, that he realized he needed to call police. 

About 15 minutes later, officers arrested 38-year-old Ryan Bishop., who'd made himself at home in Smith's new home.  Police say that while there, Bishop made himself some coffee, ate a cupcake, drank beer, smoked the couple's marijuana and played video games in the garage. 

Needles containing methamphetamine were also found on the garage floor.

Bishop -- wearing Smith’s fiancée’s hooded onesie -- was escorted out of the house without his cat, whom he'd named Spaghetti.  Bishop's accused of first-degree burglary and first-degree criminal mischief. 

Smith and his betrothed can add the onesie, along with a security system, to their registry. The couple's wedding is planned for October.






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