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Survey says 39% of people have "swiped right" just to meet the dog in a dating profile

Having a dog in your online dating profile boosts your chances of getting that coveted "swipe right" so much that people are borrowing them just for pictures -- it's called dogfishing, in fact -- but a new surveyshows the pets might be more popular than most think. 

A new survey of 2,000 Americans shows that 39% of online daters admitted to taking that important first step with a new human -- just to meet the dog in that person's profile pic.

Perhaps it's no surprise then, that 63% of those polled said having a pet in their profile pic helped them secure dates. 

The poll, which was commissioned by the pet supply company I and Love and You, also notes that 60% of respondents would rather spend Valentine's Day with a pet than a partner. With that in mind, 45% say they're planning to get their pet a toy for V-Day; 44% say they're planning a special meal for their furry friend.

When it comes to relationships of the human kind, 37% say they've been involved in a breakup in which a pet was involved -- and 69% say they missed the pet more than the person. 

It's no wonder, then, that 30% of those polled say they stayed in a doomed relationship longer than they should have because they didn't want to break up with the pet.





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