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You're not quarantining alone if you're quarantined with ghosts, right?

Casper, is that you? That's probably what Brent Underwood is whispering during the cold dark nights of the haunted building he's been quarantined in. 

The 32-year-old marketer purchased Cerro Gordo, a small Californian ghost town in 2018, and typically only makes monthly visits. However, when the town's full-time caretaker took a week off as COVID-19 began to spread, Underwood stepped up to take over the duties and was left trapped after a snowstorm dumped five feet on the town. 

"When I first got out here, I was in a T-shirt and enjoying myself," Underwood told The Post. "And then it snowed for four days straight and now there’s no way to get out."

As he waits patiently for conditions to get better, he's forced to stay in the town that the television show Ghost Adventures deemed haunted by the ghosts of two children. 

Underwood revealed that he sleeps in the very room that is apparently haunted by these two spirits and although he said he hasn't seen them, he did admit that things can get a little spooky sometimes. 

"Things are moving around, I’m seeing curtains move, I’m hearing things in the night," he shared. "There’s no draft, but things drop inside of houses."

Other strange occurrences include a light that keeps turning on and his wallet going missing for two days then reappearing in the town's hotel. "That was a bit freaky," Underwood said, though he believes that the spirits aren't going to harm him, adding, "For the most part, I leave the ghosts alone and they leave me alone. I try to respect their space."






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